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The Life of
King Henry the Fifth
Michigan Shakespeare Festival

directed by Janice L Blixt

Scenic Design: Evan Frank

Costume Design: Emily McConnell*

Lighting Design: Diane D. Fairchild*

Music Composition  & Sound Design: Christopher Kriz*

Assistant Scenic Designer: Marguerite Quigley

Fight Direction and Intimacy Coordination: David Blixt

Dialect Coach: Elise Kauzlaric

Production Stage Manager: Stefanie Din*
Assistant Stage Manager: Rebecca MacCreery*

Assistant Stage Manager: Jada McCarthy / Rylan Houle


KING HENRY V                                                   Sam Hubbard*

Duke of EXETER, his uncle                              Demetria Thomas*

Duke of BEDFORD, his brother                      Darah Donaher

Earl of WESTMERLAND, his cousin               Adonis Perez Escobar


Archbishop of CANTERBURY                          Robert Kauzlaric*

Bishop of ELY                                                     Alan Ball*


Earl of CAMBRIDGE, a noble                           Craig Ester

Lord SCROOP, a noble, friend of the King     Ian Geers

Sir Thomas GREY, a noble                               Victor Yang


Capt. GOWER, an English Officer                   Faith Berry

Capt. FLUELLEN, a Welsh Officer                   Alan Ball*

Capt. MACMORRIS , an Irish Officer              Craig Ester

Capt. JAMY, a Scottish Officer                         Joe Foust*

BATES, a soldier                                                Robert Kauzlaric*

COURT, a soldier                                               Craig Ester

WILLIAMS, a soldier                                         Victor Yang


PISTOLL                                                              Johnathan Wallace

Mistress QUICKLY, his newlywedded wife   Demetria Thomas*

NYM, a cutpurse                                                Adonis Perez Escobar

BARDOLPH, a thief and a coward                  Daniel Millhouse*

a BOY                                                                   Lauren Grace Thompson


KING CHARLES, VI OF FRANCE                     Johnathan Wallace

Lewis, the DAUPHIN                                         Victor Yang

Duke of ORLEANS                                             Darah Donaher

The CONSTABLE of France                             Daniel Millhouse*

RAMBURES                                                         Ian Geers

MONTJOY, the French King’s Herald             Joe Foust*


GOVERNEUR of Harfleur                                 Faith Berry


ISABEL, Queen of France                                Darah Donaher

KATHERINE, Princess of France                    Lydia Hiller

ALICE, friend and attendant to Katherine    Lauren Grace Thompson


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