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Georges Feydeau's 
A Flea In Her Ear
Michigan Shakespeare Festival

adapted and directed by Janice L Blixt

Scenic Design: Evan Frank

Costume Design: Suzanne Young

Lighting Design: Diane D. Fairchild*

Music Composition  & Sound Design: Kate Hopgood


Properties Design: Adam Kruger

Assistant Scenic Designer / Charge Artist: Viscaya Wilson




Fight Direction and Intimacy Coordination: David Blixt

Accent and Language Coaching: Elise Kauzlaric



Production Stage Manager: Lina Benich*
Assistant Stage Manager: Devon Currie*

Assistant Stage Manager: Siri Quist




VICTOR EMMANUEL CHANDEBISE, a successful businessman      Shawn Pfautsch*


CÉCILE CHANDEBISE, his vivacious wife                                        Sarah Ann Leahy


CAMILLE CHANDEBISE, his cousin and secretary                            Robert Hunter Bry


ETIENNE, the Chandebise’ pompous butler                                              David Blixt*


ANTOINETTE, the Chandebise’ cookmaid and Etienne’s wife                       Lauren Grace Thompson


IGNACIO HOMENIDES DE HISTINGUA, a powerful Spanish tycoon    Richie Villafuerte


VIVIENNE HOMENIDES DE HISTINGUA, his French wife         Tehreem Chaudhry


ROMAIN TOURNEL, business associate and friend to Chandebise              Ian Geers*


DR. FINACHE, doctor for Chandebise’ company and a friend                            Warren Jackson*


AUGUSTIN FERAILLON, proud owner of L’Auberge de la Jolie Chatte         Robert Kauzlaric*     


OLYMPE FERAILLON, his brilliant retired-courtesan wife                    Jaelyn Raiford*


EUGENIE, the sassy maid of L’Auberge de la Jolie Chatte                                Faith Berry


RANDAZZO, Italian businessman waiting for his paramour                              Christopher Vizurraga


BAPTISTIN, Ferraillon’s Uncle, a seldom-walking collection of ailments               Alan Ball*


POCHE, L’Auberge de la Jolie Chatte’s drunken porter                                   Shawn Pfautsch*

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