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directed by Janice L Blixt

for the Michigan Shakespeare Festival's 2011 Mainstage Season

Scenic Design: Jeromy Hopgood


Costume Design: Lauren Montgomery


Lighting Design: Brian Scruggs


Music Composition and Sound Design: Kate Hopgood


Properties Design: Kate Kardiff



Dance Choreography: Matt Andersen



Production Stage Manager: Stefanie Din *

Assistant Stage Manager:  Mercedes Coley

Assistant Stage Manager:  Sara Robinson



DON PEDRO, Prince of Arragon                                    William Irwin*

CLAUDIO, a lord of Florence, friend to Don Pedro               Brandon St. Clair Saunders

BENEDICK, a lord of Padua, friend to Don Pedro                David Blixt*


FRIAR FRANCIS                                                      Wesley Scott


DON JOHN, Don Pedro’s Bastard Brother                         Jason Phillip Kellerman

BORACHIO, follower of Don John                                   Rick Eva

CONRADE, follower of Don John                                    Matt Andersen


LEONATO, Governor of Messina                                     Buz Davis*

URSULA, his sister                                                      Janet Haley*


HERO, daughter to Leonato                                            Susaan Jamshidi

BEATRICE, her cousin                                                  Saren Nofs-Snyder

MARGARET, her cousin                                               Christina Flynn

ELEANOR, her young cousin                                         Victoria Hood


BALTHAZAR, a young attendant to Don Pedro                  Daniel Mozurkewich

VALENTINE, a boy of Leonato’s household                       Jack LaCasse


DOGBERRY, a Constable                                              Alan Ball*

VERGES, a Headborough                                              Jeffrey Booth Stringer


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