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directed by Janice L Blixt
for the Michigan Shakespeare Festival's 2010 Mainstage Season

Scenic Design: Jeromy Hopgood


Costume Design: Sally Converse-Doucette


Lighting Design: David Stoughton


Sound Design & Composition: Kate Hopgood


Master Builder: John Holloway



Fight Director: David Blixt



Production Stage Manager: Stefanie Din *

Assistant Stage Manager: Sara Robinson





ESCALUS, Prince of Verona                                                  Steven Alan O’Brien

PARIS, a nobleman, kinsman to the Prince                               Matthew Kaufmann

MERCUTIO, kinsman to the Prince, friend to Romeo                  Scott Stangland *



MONTAGUE, a nobleman of Verona                                      Rick Eva

LADY MONTAGUE, his wife                                               Sarah Leahy

ROMEO, his son                                                                 Wesley Scott

BENVOLIO, nephew to Montague, friend to Romeo                   Brandon St. Clair Saunders

BALTHAZAR, servant to Romeo                                           Daniel Mozurkewich

ABRAHAM, servant to the Montague family                            Wesley Scott



CAPULET, a nobleman of Verona                                Will Clinger *

LADY CAPULET, his wife                                              Maggie Kettering

JULIET, his daughter                                                    Amanda Reader

TYBALT, nephew to Capulet                                         Edwin Unger

PETER, servant to the Capulet family                        Jude Willis

SAMPSON, servant to the Capulet family                  Jeffrey Booth Stringer

NURSE to Juliet                                                            Dominique Lowell



FRIAR LAWRENCE, a Franciscan                               Jeffrey Booth Stringer

FRIAR JOHN, a Franciscan                                          Edwin Unger

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