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directed by Janice L Blixt

for the Michigan Shakespeare Festival's 2011 Mainstage Season

Scenic Design: Jeromy Hopgood


Costume Design: Renae Skoog


Lighting Design: Brian Scruggs


Music Composition and Sound Design: Kate Hopgood


Properties Design: Kate Kardiff



Production Stage Manager: Stefanie Din *

Assistant Stage Manager:  Mercedes Coley

Assistant Stage Manager:  Sara Robinson




LEONTES, King of Sicilia                                  David Blixt*

HERMIONE, his Queen                                   Susaan Jamshidi

MAMILLIUS, his son                                     Michael Ivanitsky

CLEOMINES, his Steward                              Brandon St. Clair Saunders


CAMILLO, A Sicilian Lord                                Buz Davis*

ANTIGONUS, A Sicilian Lord                          Jeffrey Booth Stringer

GENTLEMAN 1, A Gentleman of Sicilia            Rick Eva

GENTLEMAN 2, A Gentleman of Sicilia            Jason Phillip Kellerman


PAULINA, A Lady of Sicilia, wife to Antigonus      Janet Haley*

AEMELIA, attendant to Hermione                     Saren Nofs-Snyder


GAOLER                                                     Wesley Scott




POLIXENES, King of Bohemia,                                William Irwin*

FLORIZELL, his son                                      Matt Andersen

ARCHIDAMUS, A Bohemian Lord                     Alan Ball*


AUTOLYCUS, A Rogue                                   Wesley Scott


A SHEPHERD, reputed father of Perdita            Alan Ball*

A CLOWN, his son                                         Daniel Mozurkewich

PERDITA, daughter of Leontes, loved of Florizell  Christina Flynn



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